Who We Are

The Veteran Friendly Businesses of Maryland program was developed with the direct benefit of Veterans in mind. The following are the programs main objectives:

  1. Provide savings to Veterans in Maryland through the "Veteran Friendly Businesses Member Discount Card" in conjunction with local businesses
  2. In addition, provide savings to Veterans' Family Members in Maryland through the "Veteran Friendly Business Family Member Discount Card"
  3. Endorse and promote local businesses that are supporting our Veterans
  4. Direct support to local Veteran Groups as delineated in the Business Criteria section
  5. Additional recognition for participating Veteran Owned Businesses
  6. Facilitate the creation of a database of the over 300,000 Maryland Veterans + their families to better assist in communication of Veteran events and initiatives

Veteran Friendly Businesses Committee Members

Bob Chew
USNA Class '82

E. A. Hall
LtCol, USMC (Ret)

Lou Schott
Col, USMCR (Ret)

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