Steven Wampler, owner at  Advantage Trophy and Engraving

Steven Wampler’s story might be one in a thousand. After teaching band for 37 years with all different ages in 4 different states, Steven is finally fulfilling his dream of owning a trophy shop. “Every spring I hand out trophies,” Steven explains, “and every time the kids get something like that, they’re motivated, and they’re charged, and they work harder.” Steven wants to be a part of that journey in a new way. And although the idea was first proposed in jest, Steven and his son, Philip, now bring it to life every day at Advantage Trophy and Engraving. Back in the late 70s, Steven was an Army bandsman; Steven’s father flew a fighter plane for the Air Corps during the WWII era, and was almost called to serve in the Pacific; Steven’s uncle served at D-Day, and went on to have a full-time career in the Military, serving in Korea and Vietnam as well. To this day, Steven has great respect for those who served in some of the most tumultuous times in U.S. history. In reference to Colonel Lou Schott’s service, Steven said, “I can’t tell you how much that impressed me.” Looking back on times when serving was more controversial, like the Vietnam era, makes Steven all the more grateful for the programs we have now. “A thing like this brings Vets together; it lets them know that they are appreciated.”

-Madeline T. Dixon
Freelance Copywriter, Journalist