Joe Barbera, Owner at AIDA Bistro & Wine Bar

Seventeen years ago, AIDA Bistro & Wine Bar was a small, off-the-beaten-path restaurant located in a strip mall. Halfway through its tenure, a move to a more noticeable location launched this sophisticated eatery into notoriety. Now AIDA has indoor and outdoor dining, private rooms, and, of course, its eponymous wine bar. Joe Barbera, the restaurant's founder, once worked in high tech sales. As he put it, he worked with the internet before anyone knew what the world wide web was; he was into email before the @ symbol; and his restaurant was farm-to-table before it was a buzzword. After years of high-pressure, high-travel jobs, Joe came back to the States for good. After 9/11, Joe says, “I wanted to be closer to home.” And he got the chance to use everything he’d learned when he started his own business: AIDA. From the start, it was a family business. “Most of my kids have worked for me at one time or another,” Joe says, “We’ve been blessed.” On the subject of supporting Veterans, Joe is very vocal. Name a kind of relative and Joe has one who’s served. “We’re the kind of organization that wants to give back to the community. So we’ve always had the value of supporting local suppliers, producers, and farmers… Whenever we can become involved, it’s an absolute honor.”

-Madeline T. Dixon
Freelance Copywriter, Journalist