Terms and Conditions

Any commercial business that provides consumer goods or services in the Maryland area and meets the business criteria is eligible to apply with the Veteran Friendly Businesses (VFB) Committee for certification as a Veteran Friendly Business. Once approved, the business will:

  • Be recognized as a Veteran Friendly Establishment
  • Be provided a decal for display on the front door, window, etc.
  • Be listed in the Veteran Friendly Businesses Magazine and Website¬†
  • Be provided a display stand for the Veteran Friendly Businesses Magazine

Prior to VFB Status

You will receive a brief orientation regarding the program and will need to be signed off by a member of the Veteran Friendly Businesses Committee Member.

Once You're Designated

The business will remain a VFB for a three-year period as long as the establishment continues to meet the Business Criteria. After the initial three-year period recertification is required. The Veteran Friendly Businesses certification remains in effect unless the business is found noncompliant at which time the certification may be revoked.


Businesses must meet the following criteria to be listed as a Veteran Friendly Business

  • Provide published, routine discounts on Veterans purchases. All discounts should meaningful, unique to the program, and continuous
  • Must provide a prominent location within your business for the magazine stand
  • Placement of a window sticker at the front entrance of your business (on a glass window or glass door)
    Logo will be 7" x 2.5"